Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

As a woman ages hormonal changes occur that may produce underirable symptoms. Premenopausal women sometimes experience symptoms caused by a decrease in testosterone levels that occur after the age of 30, and all women experience additional hormone imbalances as they approach and enter menopause. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works by restoring balance to 4 key hormones, so that symptoms are relieved.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

  • Reduced Muscle Tone

  • Impaired Mental Alertness

  • Decreased Libido

  • Decreased Energy Levels

  • Reduced Bone Density/Stength

  • Increased Body Fat

  • Negative Emotional Response

  • Decreased Mental Alertness

  • Decreased Physical Performance

  • Reduced Skin Elasticity

$180/month for all-inclusive subscription