About us

Our top priority is making wellness care ubiquitous in America. We want to provide convinient and affordable access to wellness care to keep your body and mind maintained at the pinnacle of health. In order to accomplish these goals we take a holistic approach to wellness and harness the cutting edge technology of western medicine to help our clients reach their goal of health beauty and happiness.

valhalla medics

Companies are required to quickly react to changing safety regulations and protocols, but often lacking the necessary knowledge and manpower to keep up. Valhalla Medics was created to fulfill these needs as the “new normal” took shape. We hired EMTs and trained individuals as COVID compliance officers to address the day-to-day safety needs in order to keep productions moving and allow companies to stay in business. As our clients’ needs grew, so did our company. We saw more opportunities to help current and potential clients by adding corporate and concierge services to our roster.

Through every service offered, Valhalla Medics aims to support our clients by keeping their employees safe and their businesses open.

Beauty wedding bouquet with different flowers in hands.

Testing for weding & private evenets

Details of a paramedic uniform from the Romanian emergency rescue service SMURD

event medics

Testing for presence of coronavirus. Tube containing a swab testing for COVID-19.

private covid testing

Suitcase ready for a trip with Passport and Covid 19 masks and hand sanitizer

testing for travel

Business Leute beim kontaktlos Fieber messen an der Stirn als Prävention gegen Covid-19 im Büro

covid compliance officers

TAMPA BAY, USA, JANUARY, 25. 2021: Super Bowl LIV, the 55th Super Bowl 2020, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. American football match, silhouette of players. NFL Final

testing for sporting events